Since its establishment, Through the unremitting efforts and continuous innovation of all the staff, Bojie has formed a unique corporate culture of Bojie. All employees have a strong sense of identity and belonging to the company, and make clear the motivation and direction to strive for the company and themselves. At the same time, under the influence of The corporate culture of Boger, relying on the collective wisdom and unity of Boger employees, the company has made continuous progress and development.

Purpose of the enterprise:Advocate and develop high technology to make life safer.

Enterprise vision:Through continuous efforts to achieve stable and sustainable development, to create the most valuable security systems company.

Working policy:Expert, deep, fine, good, super.

Quality policy:Meticulous pursuit of perfect quality, endless to meet customer needs.

The value ofCreate value for users; Create value for employees; Create value for shareholders; Create value for the society.

teamStudy, dedication, love your family, serve your country.

performUnderstand quickly, act quickly, standardize operation, fulfill the promise.



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