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Shanghai bo jie technology co., LTD., founded in 1999, the registered capital of 13.25 million yuan, is the national Ministry of Science and Technology, science and technology commission of Shanghai, the district government priority support of high-tech enterprises, the specialty is engaged in the power electronic product development, production, sales and services, long-term for elevators, rail transportation, substation, military equipment and other industries and fields provide a wide range of highly reliable inverter power supply, dc power supply, control system and complete solution, the main products include:

Elevator products :(1) elevator automatic emergency rescue system (ARD); (2) Elevator emergency operation power supply (EBOPS), etc.

Rail transit series products :(1) emergency on-board inverter power supply for subway, city rail, light rail and high-speed rail; (2) On-board energy-saving variable frequency air conditioning control system, etc.

Power station series products :(1) intelligent SCR dc charger; (2) High-frequency (N+1) DC power module, etc.

Military series products :(1) military inverter power supply; (2)400HZ intermediate frequency power supply; (3) Military air conditioning frequency conversion control system, etc.

The company has a rich practical experience of doctor, master, engineers, technical team, for the first time since 2002, was identified as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, has undertaken national Ministry of Science and Technology and a number of important scientific research fund project in the science and technology commission of Shanghai, has a number of patented technology, with the core of the product independent intellectual property rights. Developed elevator emergency rescue system, rail transit on-board emergency inverter power supply, intelligent SCR charging machine, high frequency (N + 1) dc power supply module, the military power inverters and other products with leading domestic, international advanced technology level, product quality is stable, high reliability, get the industry user's trust, not only is widely used in domestic, also exported to Europe, the americas, Australia, southeast Asia and other countries and regions, made the obvious economic and social benefits.

The company's new technology research and development center and business center is located in The Lujiazui Software Park, Asan Road, Pudong New Area, with a strong scientific research atmosphere, complete business facilities, and a superior geographical location for customers at home and abroad to contact. The company's product technology center and pilot test base are located in Nanhui Industrial Park, Pudong New District, Shanghai, with one standard factory building. The base is located in the half-hour Shanghai economic circle, adjacent to Pudong International Airport in the east, Shangyangshan deep-water Port in the south, and Lujiazui, the most prosperous business center in Pudong in the west. The newly established wholly-owned subsidiary chuzhou Bojie Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the one-hour city circle of Nanjing, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and a total investment of 120 million yuan. It covers an area of 70 mu and has 250 employees. After the completion of the project, the company will become a powerful processing and manufacturing base. The company also has overseas sales and technology center and storage base in Singapore to provide timely and fast service and support for more and more overseas customers.

The company also closely cooperates with Tongji University, Shanghai University and other units to establish production, learning and research alliance, complementary advantages, continuous use of new technology, development of new products. The company is committed to supporting world-class enterprises, form strategic partners, and constantly expand new market areas.


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